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Learn How To Write Better English For Beginners

Learn How To Write Better English For Beginners : If you want to improve your writing skills, regular writing reduces your fear of blank pages and flashing cursors. It will also help you develop your unique style and broaden your horizons, as you usually read more sophisticated material. Good writers are also eager readers, and writing forces you to pay attention to how the material flows and how the story unfolds.According to H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote an essay on literary composition, just learning the rules of writing is not enough. You have to work hard to make everyone feel it was written by a professional writer.

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The more you read, the more likely you are to develop a better understanding of what makes a writting so effective and what mistakes to avoid. Regular reading is the easiest way to develop your writing skills. You should always write a review or a summary of what you have read and share it with others just to explore the ideas you have put forward. This is an extremely useful exercise.If you bring reading and writing together, you can see that they have more to do with each other. For example, pick style tips that you can use in your own work, recognize clever word use in what you read, and so on.

If you work in an office or run your own business, a quarter of your working day consists of writing, whether in the form of a blog, an article or even a book. The good news is that almost anyone can improve their writing skills with a little discipline and willingness to learn. If you are not writing regularly for a living, you will need a lot of practice before you can start writing incredible content. Writing can be intimidating, especially when you don't have to do it yourself, but have to start.

Have An English Dictionary Handy Or Explore wordsguru.in. Having an English Dictionary handy always helps you look for different synonyms or antonyms of repeating words or you can find similar words that sound better. You can also check for better synonyms, antonyms, examples and definitions at WordsGuru.in.

Understanding Of Basic Grammar, Style, And Punctuation

You need to master the basics of grammar and spelling, and you will easily become a much better writer. Learn the basics of grammar and avoid frequent grammar mistakes. Good grammar, along with punctuation, will improve the quality and clarity of your writing more than anything else you do. You need to bring more meaning into your words or lines when writing, so that the reader can feel the situation more profoundly.

The table was messy
Re Phrased: There was dirty dresses, leftover food on the table

Try to avoid contractions like Don't, instead you should write Do not, similarly cannot instead of can't etc. Use strong verbs always. For example, objected instead of made an objection.


A richly lived life, a healthy diet and lots of exercise are some of the most natural ways to become a better writer. Becoming a writer requires taste, giving you something you can aspire to, and giving you the opportunity to become aware of the hundreds of things that flow into a "good sentence" that you could not possibly spell out individually.

Spelling and Grammar Check

Incorrect Spelling can spoil a writing that is otherwise fun to read. So once you complete your writing you should always do a detail spell check. You can use Ms Word or you can use any online free tool for the same. You can explore free tool provided by wordsguru.in Grammar Checker.

Always try to use as much active voice as possible. Active voices use fewer words, and make the phrase more concise and effective.

The road was built by Dan.
Dan built the road.

Last Thoughts

Writing is an iterative process, and research has shown that you can say a lot about a writer's personality when you read his stuff. Even the best writers spend a lot of time editing material, but they are probably too embarrassed to show it to anyone. Whether you're trying to make the case for your content strategy to your manager, or want to start guest blogging on your favorite site, finding and working with a good editor is the only good thing that can be done to improve your writing skills.